About Fuzul Holding

The foundations of Fuzul Holding were laid in 1992 with the establishment of FuzulOto in Fatih. Fuzul Holding has managed to differentiate itself from its competitors by taking responsibility for many breakthroughs that will add value to the country's economy, by using what it has earned in these lands for the purpose of investing in these lands during its journey of more than 30 years, and has always been the pioneer of firsts.

Adopting an understanding of investment that adds value to people, Fuzul Holding carries out all its activities at international standards with an understanding of corporate management, customer satisfaction, sustainability and social responsibility. It has prioritized being permanent within the principles of universal competition, growing patiently and step by step, by signing innovative works in every sector in which it operates.

Continuing its activities within the body of the holding today, Fuzul Yapı, with its brands FuzulEv, FuzulOto, Nevita, Akva Sigorta, Rubik Para, Olimpa AVM and NewInn, has not only made significant gains in Turkey, but has also succeeded in making a difference with its innovative vision.

Fuzul Holding, one of Turkey's exemplary communities with its management structure, human resources potential and its uncompromising transparency policy, will continue to grow organically and inorganically by making investments in sectors with strong growth potential with its innovative, sustainable, value-oriented and responsible approach.